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The third, revised edition of “Knowledge about meditation”: Buddhism is distinguished among all major world religions in that the experience of lasting happiness is not left to pure faith, but can be experienced through deep insight into the nature of the mind. Meditation in Buddhism has the function of making what is understood through learning and reflection into an experience. The goal of Buddha's teaching is the full development of the inherent abilities of body, speech and mind. The practice of meditation helps us to discover and develop our own inner wealth for the best of all beings. "Knowledge about meditation" is divided into four sections:

1. First, the basics and goals of meditation in Buddhism are presented and compared with other systems

2. The second section gives an overview of the most important forms of Buddhist meditation;

3. The following, most extensive part explains in detail a form of meditation as an example of the main practice in the Diamond Way of Tibetan Buddhism

4. Finally, it is about the connection between meditation and everyday life as well as a description of the entire meditation path.

Many practical tips are given. A comprehensive glossary explains all Buddhist terms used and Buddha aspects listed; an extensive list of sources and literature references other interesting publications; a keyword register simplifies the search for special terms and explanations. In another appendix you will find contact addresses of Buddhist centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Manfred Seegers - Wissen über Meditation

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