• Lama Ole Nydahl - Grundübungen

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Lama Ole Nydahl - The four basic exercises, preparations on the way to the Great Seal

Many know the complete openness and the immediate experience, which can be seen in very special moments when you fall in love, in exciting corners on a motorcycle or in the unlimited freedom of skydiving. At such moments we get a brief insight into the infinite possibilities that are inherent in us. Buddha saw that our mind has the ability to experience this happiness at all times and in all situations. He found that the true nature of all beings is completely open like space, brilliantly clear and without any limitation. Those who recognize this experience fearlessness, self-created joy and active compassion for others. The meditation exercises explained here in Tibetan Ngondro, which is called preparations, prepare the mind for this experience. They remove every harmful impression from our memory awareness and fill it with enormous inner wealth. As an integral part of the Karma Kagyu transmission of Diamond Way Buddhism, these meditations are used in the East as in the nature of thousands of people.

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Lama Ole Nydahl - Grundübungen

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