Delivery Information

The shipping costs will be communicated to you on the product pages, in the shopping cart and in case of different amounts here.

Usually your order will be shipped on the same working day.

The shipping of orders from a gross value of 50.00 € within Germany are free of shipping costs.

The amount of the service and shipping flat rate depends on the total weight of the ordered goods and the country to be supplied.

The worldwide shipping outside Germany is charged from 100 - 400g with 4,70 € and from 400g - 1000g with 10,25 €.
Within Germany the shipping is charged with 4,50 €.

The lump sum includes the proportional costs for careful packaging (from 400g also insurance) and postage. The amount of the total amount is calculated during the ordering process on the website and is visible in the shopping cart.

If you have further questions, please contact us at +49 40 55 700 60 or

Should you wish to pay by direct debit or credit card, and the debit by our bank fails due to a circumstance for which you are responsible (e.g. no account coverage, incorrect account details, unjustified objection), we charge a fee of 15.00 € for each individual case of return debit.

If, as an exception, an item cannot be delivered immediately, you will receive a message. Of course you can then change or cancel your order.